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Verse- 7

Of knowledge we are aware; of its absence we have no awareness here.
In this, which is ascertained from which ?
Even when there is knowledge of non-knowledge,
That does not make non-knowledge specific.


Verse- 6

Prior to knowledge “what?” if we should ask,
Other than knowledge nothing here is found.
The unknowing, what boundary could it have?
And as for knowledge, nothing here is seen.


Verse- 5

If knowledge does not extinguish in knowledge,
Where does it descend (disappear) to?
Knowledge is not known; when known
Both (knowledge and knowing of knowledge )
                                           become one.


Verse- 4

If Knowledge  is all-filling
Where will non-knowledge dwell?
Where does that knowledge exist which goes in search of knowledge
And knows knowledge where it is ?


Verse- 3

What is known to be unbounded knowledge,
That also shines as knowledge.
As the dream that arises from knowledge,
Becomes experiential knowledge, suchwise everything else.


Verse- 2

If there is no knowledge, then the known is not, even if such exists.
If that one knowledge is not existing,
What knowing of which knowledge
Is there that can be known for certain?


What we know at a given moment has its own limits.

Verse- 1

What is known here, when carefully considered,
Is not anything other than knowledge.
As knowledge in this (as the knower and the known) is one,
There is not anything anywhere apart from knowledge.



Epistemology of Gnosis- Commentry


One Hundred Verses Of Self-Instruction (76-100)

 (76)    Manal alavattu chorinja vapiyin me-
    laniyaniyay alaveesidunna vannam
    anrutha parampara veesi yantharatma-
    vine yakame bahuroopamaakkidunnu.

As in a pond into which measureless sand falls
Waves emanate and spread ring after ring, so too,
By raising a chain of deceptive sights
The inner self  into multiple forms is within turned.