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One Hundred Verses Of Self-Instruction (51-75)

(51)    Arivil irunnu orahantha aadhyam untay-
    varum ithinodu oru idanta vamayayum
    varum iva randulapangal poley maya-
    mara makhilam maraye ppadarnnidunnu.

From Awareness, the sense of “I” emerges first,
And as its counterpart “This” ness comes;
Like two creepers do they spread
And shroud the Maya tree entire.

One Hundred Verses Of Self-Instruction (26-50)

(26)                                            Avayavamokke yamarthi yaniyay ni-

One Hundred Verses Of Self-Instruction (1-25)

 Arivilumeriyarinnidunnavan ta-
 nnuruvilumottu purattumujjvalikkum-
 Karuvinu kannukal anchumullatakki-
  Tterutere vinu vanangiyothitenam.


To the core, that in knowledge intense shines,
In the knower’s body besides, and without too,
In adoration should one chant, with eyes five
Inward fixed, prostrating again and again.


The very scheme of the poem highlights unity and relatedness. Though there are a hundred hymn-like verses, it is an integrated piece. There is a one-pointed exposition of and instruction on the Self.

The first and the last verses are introduction and conclusion respectively, the former being also the usual invocation. The poem begins with the key-word, arivu-Knowledge, which is the cardinal concern of Atma-Vidya.


Birth : August,20,1854.
Maha Samadhi : September, 20, 1928.

The Guru is a saint-philosopher and a quintessentially humanist social reformer.


The people of Kerala have taken to Sree Narayana, as they had never in their history opened up to any other teacher or to any other leader, social or political. He is the greatest Keralite in the modern times, unquestioned like Gandhiji in India. This should be quite surprising to those who had occasion to hobnob with the Malayalies, as they constitute a regional community given over to the habit of chronic dissent, incapable of tolerating  the domination of any super-hero. Dark canyons haunted by the ancient shadows of caste and religion still survive in their psyche.


This is a follow up to my short biography of the Saint-Philosopher-Humanist, Sree Narayana Guru. In that I could devote only a brief chapter to his Darsana or Philosophy.
His magnum opus, Atmopadesasathakam(One Hundred Verses of Self Instruction) did not get its due meed. Indeed, it provides a unique exposition of Vedanta philosophy, brought up-to-date, in tune with the rational, scientific approach of our times.

Athmopadesh Sathakam- C.K.Balakrishnan (76-100)

മണലളവറ്റു ചൊരിഞ്ഞ വാപിയിന്‍മേ-
ലണിയണിയായല നീശിടുന്നവണ്ണം
അനൃതപരമ്പര വീശിയന്തരാത് മാ-
വിനെയകമേ ബഹുരൂമാകിടുന്നു.
Manal alavattu chorinja vapiyin me-                
laniyaniyay alaveesidunna vannam