Sathyavruta Swamigal

Sathyavruta Swamigal (1893-1926)  was popularly known as “Vivekanandan of Sree Narayana Guru”. His original name was Ayyappan Pillai. He was born in an orthodox Nair family. He was a school teacher before he met Guru at the Adwaidashramam at Aluva. At the first sight itself he was attracted to Guru and offered himself at the feet of guru and became Swamy Satyavruthan. He was an excellent organizer and an orator. He was the main organizer of  the All Religions Conference  conducted by Guru at Aluva in 1924. The welcome speech made by him at the conference was  so  inspiring that it will remain in the history as a treasure for religious amity. He accompanied Guru to Ceylon and stayed there for three years. He established there a “ Vijnanodaya Yogam” and started 42 night schools. His contributions in organizing satyagrahies for  Vaikom Satyagraham are also praise worthy. He took a lot of initiative in establishing Sree Narayana Dharma  Sangham but  god called him back before it  came into being.