Shivalingadasa Swamigal

Shivalingadasa Swamigal  (1867-1919) was Guru’s first disciple. He was a young boy when he  met Guru accidentally at Aruvipuram and got attracted to him. His original name was Kochappi Pillai. He belonged to a conservative nair family. He learnt Sanskrit, Malayalam and Tamil and wrote 34 books. He played an important role by remaining as a right hand for Guru in the consecration of Shiva idol at Aruvipuram in 1888 by Guru. For him Guru was Shiva incarnate. His prayer, Gurushatgam, starting with “ Om brahmane ------------- “  reveals  this  fact. He was instrumental in constructing  several temples. He established an Ashramam at Peringottukara,Trichur, Kerala. Swamy Asangananda, popularly known as “malayala swamigal” in Andhra Pradesh was his disciple. Swamy Ramananda, famous siddha vaidyan, was also his disciple.