An Interpretation by Swami Muni Nrayana Prasad

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SVANUBHAVAGITI (Lyric of ecstatic self-experience)

Guru gave dictation of this Malayalam work to Karuva Krishnan Asan,
While he was residing at Aruvippuram around 1984. The first three sets of ten verses were separately named Anubhuti Dasakam (Ten Verses Ecstatic Experience), Prapancasuddhi Dasakam (Ten Verses on Clarity about the Phenomenal World), and Parama Siva cinta Dasakam (Ten Verses on Reflections on Parama Siva). The rest of the work was named Vibhu Darsanam (Visualizing the All-pervading God). Forty verses are missing after ten verses of this section. Krishnan Aasan repeatedly appealed Guru to rewrite the missing verses. His reply was simply; its author does not exist now. Someone else trying to fill it up will be improper.
Giti is the metre in which it is composed. Scholars hail this work as The Tiruvaskam of the Malayalam language.
Amrta-tarangini (The River of Immortal Elixir) is another name by which the work is known.


Auspiciousness will best
Be bestowed on me
By the all-knower,
The one all-harmonizing abode.
With no attachment
Towards anything,
To the enemy of the mind-born (Eros)
Open will remain my eyes.


In to the eyes that see,
Isn’t everything seen
Ceaselessly merging and becoming lost?
Likewise is sound
Merging in the being of ears,
And in to the being of skin
The object concerned also vanishes.


Vanish thus, becoming lost,
All the six tastes
In to the being of tongues.
Thus wise go and vanish
Everything treatable as “this”.
Then all that remains alone
Are the mouth-like senses.


Senses alone then stay behind
Instantaneously the senses too
Become extinguished.
Left behind then is utter darkness alone.
Comparable is this
To a rope-walkers’ experience,
When the rope is cut
And all balance lost.


Lost all, and then remains a dark emptiness,
And in it is seen shining
The most intimate one.
On becoming assured that
That intimate One is oneself,
The natural end of all suffering occurs.
How can there be darkness spreading
Around the bright sun shining?


Shining over is oneself alone-
This revelation may naturally
Lead to being ensnared in
The lack of interest in being active.
When moving up to
One’s own proper abode-
The one substantial abode of all of us-
Alone, is it that we find real happiness.


Happiness-ocean, lo and behold!
Rises up and overspreads
By itself everywhere.
By entering it through wisdom
The drinking of it is relished
By the parama-hamsa type of people.


People, perceiving this,
Remain in the stable state
Of no birth, no death.
With the tender seeking mind
Becoming merged in that state,
Incessant contentment comes forth.


The coming forth of this contentment,
When subjected to thinking, even once,
Loses all its charm that
Fills and overflows the heart.
With no idea formed about it,
Instantaneously merged
In the one reality becomes he.


The one who thinks
‘He’, the ‘other person’ and the like
Though a pati, is really a pasu
When all desires are
Flawlessly uprooted,
The waters of undefiled happiness
Come rushing forth.


Coming all at once
Are flocks of fears.
They, seeing this radiance,
Get out of the way
All of a sudden.
Yet again this becomes enveloped
By darkness again, only to
Once again emerge as perceptible,
This sweet honey water.

Water, fire and the like-
Assuming all these forms shine,
Filling both inside and outside,
The one concealed reality
Its secret, when found out,
Is just as plain to one as
A palm-held goose-berry.


The berry, that the Reality is,
Is from which and in which
Al this golden attire
Emerges and perceptible shines.
Just before wearing
The moon as crown
(For your dance performance).
The moon remains hidden
And yet perceptibly radiates its cool rays.
Such you are, the radiance.


Radiance is essence
You appear before me (at the stage)
And manifest as pure as space,
Devouring everything.
Playing as being the all five
Elements such as space,
Is your sacred dance-drama.


The dance-drama no sooner is perceived,
Than one finds itself
Firmly and neutrally existing.
He who exists thus
For a long time uninterrupted
In this neutral state
Lives in happiness.


Happiness is all this;
The more it is cogitated upon
The more it is felt as
Wholly filled with beauty.
Closely perceived, it’s revealed,
You descend to become
Even this gross earth,
Transforming even in to this perceiver
That merely is a cage.


The cage that this body
And all such is
Blazing in wisdom-fire,
Just as a dewdrop
In bright daylight,
On its own, becomes extinguished.


The extinguished sense organs
Instantaneously become functionless
And following it, all obstructions
Get out of the way.
Comparable is it to a tree,
Cut at bottom,
On its own falls down.


Falling down, all this
Becomes transformed as
Pure effulgence experienced
As filling the entire space.
The one who falls into
This grand bonfire,
Doesn’t he become lost it in?
This indeed is kavivalya.


The kavivalya-ocean altogether
Attains its own purity;
It alone is the means.
Cessation of being
An individual being
Happens immediately
And all the moss recedes,
This is the attainable ultimate goal.


The ultimate goal, - please
Grant me its attainment.
O the Destroyer of Cities,
This alone is all that
You ought to do, O Lord.
O Hara, the Plunder,
O Siva, the most Superior,
Please destroyed, please destroyed
The brightness as well as
The all-filling darkness


Darkness and brightness----
Untouched by all such,
Is the effulgence that you are.
O the showering-everywhere-
By your grace alone
D I, being ignorant,
Prattle like this one boon,
This day please grace me!


O Grace, blessed by you,
As a sport is it that
I do speak like this,
O the ever-hiding
Invaluable secret.
O Darkness, O Brightness,
O the
Grace the remains
As the golden mean,
O the ever-sporting
Heart-filling Substance!


O the Substance,
The one evenly fragrant reality
The fills everywhere
O Grace, grace me.
Let me mount not
The chariot-wheel herein,
O the Transcendental One.


O the Transcendental One,
O Pasupti, the Supreme
Commander of the evening
Of all the waves
In the transcendental (ocean).
O Destroyer, bid me
To be close to you;
To remain here
Even for a moment
Never let me, never let me.


Never let me, simply
An individuated soul,
Try the impossible task
Of describing your glory
That simply is pure
All-filling effulgence.
Without a bit of your grace
How could I be here
Like this, O Siva.


O Siva, descending from you
Do emerge and graze here
Ears, eyes and the like.
Subsequently everything comes along
With these grazing ones as well;
What a mysterious magic all this is!


The mysterious magic’s
Dust-veil will vanish.
O the transcendental brightness
Hidden by the very same dust-veil!
Even a negligible being here
Is that One in essence.
Totally removing that veil
You appear again,
A fiery smoke!


O smoke, O Particle,
O inside, O Outside,
O Space, O the sufficiently
Pouring fresh rain,
O the hereafter,
O the mind-world,
Mercifully please confer
Contentment in my interior


Interior and exterior----

Devoid of both,
You, O Lord, exist filling
The being of everything.
In your eye of fame
Is burned off everything
Making them mere perceptible
Thus is utterly hateful.


The hateful ‘this’ is
Melted away by you,
O Narahari, like butter
All that creates hindrance
Is henceforth burned off
And turned into smoke
That rises up circling the sky----
O the so-doing Fire!


Fire, water, earth----
All such molten down
Grow large and get transformed
As a re-echoing inner sound-
O that Sound!
All the four
Sacred scriptures search for
Is the holy foot of yours
Wearing jingling bells that call


O the call, O the invaluable
Resounding bell ringing!
O the bumble bee
That always comes
Hummingly when hidden!
You make ash-like
All the unstables like
Fragrance, taste and sound.
O the bringer of that state!


Stately darkness approaching
Are you, like a turbulent
Storm ceaselessly raging?
Or are you the one who
Dances adorned with
Water on head
To make (the dance), you,
Wrapping elephant-hide?


With hide for attire
You, with your holy feet,
Trample upon and annihilate Kali,
O such a furious Kali!
O the state of being that
Exterminates the evils of Kali
O the all-changefulness-causing
Sole shelter-giving head!


At one end appear
Darkness and brightness altering,
The other offering boons—
Such you are felt to be
By the invaluable creeper you support,
O the heavenly Tree!
Impossible indeed is
Knowing all that is
Invaluable in you.
All the mighty enemies
Fade away in your
Harmonious presence—
That is the sole Truth.


Truth is impossible
To elucidate really,
Despite all the stories
Of your mysterious deeds;
Therefore comparable it is
Only to itself.
O that one Truth
All the scriptures attempt to expound!
O the ever-unknown
All-filling Meaning.


Meaning and Word
Transcending both,
Going beyond even the duality
Of grace and the transcendental,
You remain, O the ever-swaying ocean.
Please dampen this parched mouth
With a little bit of your Grace- water
Does this action
The ocean of ever-swelling Grace
Even a bit lessened?


Less attainable
Is what the scriptures aim at,
O the other shore of what
Those scriptures aim at !
Your fullness – what a wonder! –
Always remains unattained;
At last you should knowing
This mystery full well.


Fulness of concrete parts
Along with abstractness,
When all this disappears there arises
You, the one casual Reality,
O that one!
One word, plenitude, is there
Proclaimable in the company of sages
Such as sanaka and the like
O that one word!


Unaware of all this are we;
What a pitiful mystery
Great indeed is your
Particular amusement.
The golden creeper entwines you
Forming an inseparable part of you,
O the Original Tree!


O the Original Tree,
The fruit o0f yours
Alone is my sole shelter
From now on.
Your twin feet alone
Are the flowers my head
Should be adorned with.
Aren’t you be Original Mountain
Always united with the golden creeper?
O what a magic-like vision!


A magic-like vision all this is;
Have you not seen in spite of
Three eyes you have?
O the eye-like-dear-gem
Shining adorned with the bright moon,
At your blossom-like feet
My humble salutations!


The saluting one am I;
Thus please caressingly unite me
With your holy feet,
Separating me off from this falsity,
Considering me as
A dear child of yours
So doing is a responsibility of yours.


Your responsibility apart
Nothing exists here,
O the Lord of Beings,
Adorned with the crescent moon!
To the mighty tusk of this mountainous Maya
Please do not sell myself


Sell your lovely twin blossom-feet
Instead, to this humble one,
O the Slivery Mountain
Adorned with water at the top!
Charmingly singing cuckoos
Mount the golden creeper
Always supported by you
O the Ever-new Tree!


O the Ever-new Tree!
The golden creeper growing on you
Causers the spreading out of
Everything notable as ‘this’ or ‘that’,
All owing to your twin feet-flowers
Fall on my head, and
My body become merged in you.


Merged at your feet
Let me become; abandon me out.
Let there be no
Lessening of your mercy.
Please do not go away avoiding me
Treating me to be a person
With not even a crumb of compassion to other beings.


Do not go away any more;
At your feet I should becomes lost
Or else I’ll be burnt up,
Falling in this dark ocean,
Resulting in all sorts of grief;
Should tell you all this


If there is no need of
Telling you all this,
Please adorn my crown
With your wisdom-feet.
Transcending all knowledge
(You and I) will become one;
Though ignorant of it,
(You and I) always remain one;
O the essence of wisdom!


Scriptures spelt out by scholars
Fall into and get lost in the ears;
Likewise everything here becomes
Lost in the being of yours,
The beginning less and endless One---
You are that Reality.


That Reality you are, still
You remain, inseparable from me
Even when I remain unaware
Of being so, O the best
Of all the riches.
No other refuge do I have;
By sharing with me your boringness,
Please calmly put an end
To my state of being a pasu, O pati.


O pati, not knowing who
The pati is, many here
Do meander in search of you,
Get confused not reaching anywhere
Due to their undue arguments,
And around you they go.


Go and become lost in you, do
The earth, fire, water, air and space,
As is their due as part of the whole.
Lo! Heaven and hell too
Are seen to have become lost in you
Becoming the non-dual One.
Lo and behold! This humble I
Also am lost and devoured by you.


You are the on Reality
Bottomless, topless, middle less;
Beyond my comprehension as well,
And you make manifest
All these apparent forms,
While still remaining totally
Beyond everything, O that one!


One is real; no, two are real;
This knowing ‘I’ too is real---
Turning to such varying stands
Let me not hesitantly waver.
All of these arise from
And are one with you alone,
The all-untruth-transcending-one.


Transcending both day and night,
Transcending both word and meaning,
Is the beauteous from of yours

My dying means only
You totally acquiring me,
This individuated from;
What else in its there?


What else is there than
You enveloping my inside
And outside delusively?
I am approaching you, seeking


While everything including
Hills and mountains,
Remains close friends of your feet,
Why did you surrender
To my golden creeper
That decided to count on you?
All this I don’t understand!


I don’t understand at all,
How you wonderfully come back
Always to my thought,
O the one, consciousness in essence,
That is beyond all conscious thought.
The burnt-down I-senses
Adorned with crescent, you are;
O the most tender, lovely one!