An Interpretation by Swami Muni Nrayana Prasad

PINDA NANDI (Foetal Gratitude)


Assumed to be written by Guru when he was staying at Aruvippuram around 1885. Vasantatilakam is its meter and Malayalam, the language.

 O the Abode of Glorious Qualities,
  Who else but you, the kind one,
 Did nourish in to life
 With exceedingly careful love
 The entire foetus of this humble self, when in womb!
 Everything happens as ordained by you----
  Knowing thus, this servant of yours
Surrenders everything up to you,
 O the Bringer of Happiness!


With earth, water, fire,
Air and space, put in to a crucible,
In their proper proportion,
And lighting them with a fire,
You protected this foetus
Of mine from the oppressions
Of an evil deity, and nourished it
Then, in your nectarine immortality
O the Bringer of Happiness


It is not only mere micro-organisms
Confined to rocks that do proclaim
The greatness of your Grace;
The chief god that resides
Within the l0otus (Brahma), and all else
Do grow out from within this (Grace).


No kinsmen, no strength, no wealth,
Was there---hoe could this
Ever grow up then, O picturesque Marvel!
All this is my Master’s sporting---
Knowing this is not superstitious.
That I may have this perspective
Do grant your Grace,
O the Bringer of Happiness!


For months full four and five
With eyes constantly on me,
It was you that let me grow,
Ever warding off death’s hands
I thus let pass my time
Remaining within the womb.
Recalling it, now I weep,
Listen, O the Bringer of Happiness!


Semen indeed it was, mixed with ovum-blood,
Along with pure sound attaining maturity,
That assumed my form
That lay at a mid-region.
No mother was there,
And no father too.
So raised by you alo9ne, my sole parent,
Is all that I am here today


It is all the better that
All the sufferings of those days
Are forgotten forever,
Revived had they been,
I would this  very day
Fall and perish in their flames, alas!
You, my golden Father,
Alone did then provide me with
These five sense-outlets,
And therefore is it that
I am aware of all this now,
O the Bringer of Happiness!


My mother bore me as
A heavy burden within her
And with a tender melting heart
And breathing vainly many a sigh,
With great pain did she bring me forth
To lie here wailing like a jackal.
Deign for once to tell me, Lord,
What does all this mean!
O the Bringer of Happiness!


Well aware you are of all this,
O the Abode of Glorious Qualities!
Why then should this humble one
Relate all this again to you?
Do banish, party, all miseries.
No one will there be to help me
If you keep away from me.
O the Saviour who comes mounted on a bull!