An interpretation By Guru Nity Chaitanya Yati

Isavasya Upanishad 1 This is. This envelops All. Apart from this not even an iota Is left in the whole. It was a mistake to objectivise. Everything is back to its own, to Isvara. Knowing “That Thou Art,” enjoy; do not grab. Whose can be the desired anyway? 2 Performing your apportioned duties, claiming no agency of action, desire to live a hundred years of blessedness. Nothing else is expected of you. Be assured, no stain of action will cling to the person. 3 There is a domonic world enveloped by darkness, confused. The marauders of the Self go into it, dead in Spirit. 4 Established forever, although faster thn the mind, the One moves not. The senses do not find this, which has gone beyond. Remaining steadfast, it transcends all. In that, the energizing nourisher (matarisva) apportions each one's appropriate function. 5 That does move, that does not move. That is very far, that is very close. That is inside of everything, that is outside of everything (also). 6 The one who continually sees all being in the atman (Self) alone, like that, in all manifested factors the Self also, that person, because of such a vision, never becomes repulsed. 7 In whom all beings are known as self alone, what delusion is there or what sorrow to one who beholds this unity? 8 That environs pure and transparent, bodiless, flawless, deviod of anatomical system, sinless, poetic wisdom permeating, self-born, empirically valid, eternal, functionally distributed evenly 9 Into blinding darkness enter those who workship ignorance. And into still greater darkness as it were enter those who delight in knowledge itself. 10 Other is the use of knowledge, they say, the use of ognorance is another. Thus we have heard from wise who have explained that to us. 11 One who knows both of these together, knowledge and ignorance, having over come death with ignorance, enjoys immortality with knowledge. 12 Into blinding darkness enter they who worship non-becoming Into darkness greater than that, as it were, enter they who delight in becoming. 13 Other is that which pertains to becoming, they say, that which pertains to non-becoming is another. Thus we have heard it from the wise who have explained that to us. 14 One who knows both of these together, becoming and destruction, having overcome death with destruction, enjoys immortality with becoming. 15 The faith of truth is convered with a golden disk. That, I Nourisher (Sun), may you remove so that I see the truthful performance of duties. 16 O Nourisher of this world, lone wanderer, who gives a meaningful pause between events, the supreme magnetic center of the heavens, born of the primal father of all beings, restrain thy beams. Gather this brilliant effulgance. Let me see that, your most auspicious form. That person (purusha), whio shines in the sun, let me assure myself that I am that. 17 Breath enters into the atmospheric wind. This body will end in ashes. AUM, remember the purpose of my doing actions, remember what I have done. 18 O fire, by a bright path lead us to prosperty, shining one who knowest all the ways. Keep far from us the sin that accrues as action. Most ample expression of adoration to you we render. AUM, peace,peace,peace.