Daivadasakam - an interpretation by Muttathu Sudha

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Sadashiva Darsanam

Counted from the sensible smell of
All who eat food
From the melted and swallowed
Of the thin earth;
Fall in love, standing and melting
In penance at the tip of the heart
Pressed and licking, then and now every where
And nowhere, shining in the very attractive
To look at the charming pitcher,
Will it bloom?
This is filled with blood: a cloud of lovely hood,
Nowhere now and then, here or there in a very
Good auspicious occasion.
At the stage by consuming black cloud
And turned darker at the close of a day
The tuft of matted curl hair
And seen the black neck though late;
Be merciful, with tender birth and the brilliant forehead,
Where overflows the tank, the pretty pitcher,
A mystic hut of brightness,
Carried by the noble elephant,
Ganapathi, the most revered son of Shiva
Carrying in his trunk,
And occupying the prime seat wherever!
The boiling and overflowing ocean of sorrow,
At once crossed by swimming and reached
At the other side and saw you alone
There stood and behaved in a licentious manner
Around begging and you are showering rituals
And utterances upon whom I adorn
On the head of almighty Shiva!
Saturn, one who moves slowly
And repeatedly rising
And rising, coming and standing,
And eating day by day killing two balls
By name, sun and moon,
Appear surrounded by twinkling stars;
As the innumerable people think of all,
Hail, the Primordial God,
He, who dances profusely overflowing the mind.
Oh Shiva, please think you and I
Are one and the same; I have no other desire in
Attaining anything else than you;
This comes to my hand;  time is never still
Torn by grief and tortured by fear,
Trouble always on the boil; excluding Shiva,
If I think you are the way and
All other things here and there
Are falling in distress.                                     
If  I think over,
Oh Shiva, you alone is who adorns
The crescent moon, a shade without hue;
I have no other God except Shiva.
You are the golden lamp
Like the ocean hip-chain of the earth,
Which stood shivering in
Various shades of midnight majesty in snow.
A mighty one in an illimitable sky;
All these are counted from mind
And numbering is licking
Oh, the extremely slender body
Which comes with you in compassion.
There are six Gods, eternal
Oh Shiva, shining as farmyard,
The heavenly river Ganga, snake, skull, crescent moon;
The moon without blemish,
Shining black mole on the sky,
 Red matted hair in brilliance,
The face which became panic
On seeing the beauty of the anklet,
This is like a trembling full bloomed flower stem,
A romantic loneliness:
Bright was the day, and blue the firmament,
Sun has sent his gold streams down
To please every flower with his warmness:
You kindly be affectionate to me and tell.
Kindly, the soil, water and the mingled winds
Came in the heaven shining then and there
Which is the body smeared with smell
For which you sprouts
And there is no fame for the gem
Nor there is any dispute or agony
In those quarrels.     
By lying in this and weeping, living
And spending my days
I have nothing more pitiable,
Than a moaning life;
On pondering what?
 The green promises of my youth:
I can suffer any disappointment;
The sorrow is emerging,
Usual aches and pains,
A thing of melancholy clay dance,
The wheel of becoming
The Emperor who worn
The mind of crown with a plant
 With sweet-smelling tender
Leaves of wisdom
 May be pleased to allow
Overflowing the wisdom pitcher;
 You dance, wearing the flowing celestial river.
The pigs went away, no beautiful swan is seen
 Coming by flying or swimming nearby
On your hair, you took as on to-day
 The fire mountain;
Swallowed me with the whole body curtain
 Immediately in a cosmic dance,
A leaf torn off life and die
It is something anyone can do:
I pray, Shiva, leader,
I bow my head and salute;
An eternity by term
Obeisance to you.*
Chidambara lingam* 1887 A.D.
   Chidambara lingam* 1887 A.D.
The face of the Supreme Being
Worshipped by the undying celestials as a lingam,
Pertaining to birth, old age
And killer of death as a lingam,
The trick of averting from
Religious rite as a lingam,-
The sun, moon, and fire are
Parts of verses written to worship Shiva;
The sun is Lord Shiva’s right eye;
The moon his left eye, the eternal spirits
And fire in the third eye;
On His forehead;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
At the bottom of a celestial tree known
As kalpaka (coconut) tree which grants
All wishes is well-installed as a lingam,
It is of destroyer of god of love,
Hero in the epic Mahabharatha,
Installed as a lingam;
The destroyer of multitude of evil natured
Like clouds with fury as a lingam;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
Subramanya and Ganeswara are in imagination as a lingam,
The heavenly flatterers, and musicians as a lingam,
Oh Shiva, in the middle of night at the silver mountains,
Are you not adorn, on the head, an exclusive ornament,
A hissing snake?
The visible reminder of invisible energy,
A noble serpent, as a lingam;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
The Samba, who is inseparable from the Mother Goddess
Sadasiva and Sankara as a lingam,
He, who gives all desirable boons,
It is highly beautiful as a lingam.
The incomparable God of worshipping
With the mind as a lingam;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
The filth of anger is like a wild fire, and
The wild fury lost its flame, as a lingam;
The ornament of sea-waves as a lingam;
The unclean gun-cotton which sheds
Light to the setting sun as a lingam;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
The brilliance of light shade of shining
Of eight manifest forms as a lingam,
The blossoming of Lord Shiva of heaven as a lingam,
The conduct which ruled the nice people
Experienced as a lingam;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
The torturer of God of death,
Who circumvents the age,
A pretty one appears as a lingam,
The destroyer of evil thoughts
Of God of love’s beautiful body as a lingam;
The life-breath which exists
In the heart of animals living on the earth
As a life force lingam;
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
The well nourished mature and lively
Seat of Chidambara lingam,
On understanding it as in the heart,
What is our life? The seeds of eternity;
It is like the recollection of eight verses
In the mind and those eight forms attained
The identity of Lord Shiva !
**It is a brilliant lingam adorned by Shiva
Beautiful garland of heavenly flowers as a lingam
The churning- rod in the churning of the Ocean of Milk,
As a crown of lingam
Protect us the smooth charming sun Chidambara lingam.
* Chidambaram is a place in Tamil Nadu, India,
where there is a famous Temple of Shiva.
The lingam of Shiva is in a human form, the King of dance.
Lingam.(noun.)A phallic symbol in Hinduism, used in the
worship of God Shiva.
New Webster’s Dictionary.
Also Linga.
Sree Krishna Darsanam


(Sree Krishna Darsanam)

On earth the attitude to do away with determination

Became a particular condition of mind

With the abandonment to do and run away;

Then the earth also disappeared in truth.

The brilliance of beaming lamp-flame

Became beautiful everywhere

Around and it has dissolved

In the murmurings of ambrosia;

The curtain of illusion was then lifted up,

Then the brilliance of grain jewel

Worn on the chest,

A gem from the ‘ocean of milk’

From heaven and worn by Vishnu on his chest;

And the beautiful flower like body

Similar to a blue flower of the iron-wood tree

Is a divine paradise of :

Monygreevan’s merrymaking .
Shiva Prasada Panchakam

Shiva Prasada Panchakam


Oh, God Shiva, Shankara,

Annihilator of birth grief,

Save always

The children of Lord Brahma in obeisance,

With the folded hands always:

Oh, my most beloved universal soul,

Who plays the earthly drama with loud alarms?

Situate in me and protect us.


God is always in relation

With the body,

From his starry seat;

Children are the life’s

Reproductive organs

Of a flower steady,

Which are all thoughts undesirable?

By removing those foes to man and God

From the mind

So as to avert sticking

By falling in the black painted

Waves of the blue ocean.


Oh Shiva, with worth in abundance,

So goldenly in moon light

You are put up in a grave yard

Where owls have awakened;

Afflicted, smeared with and stumbled down:

You settle, filled up with

Plenty of drinking water now and then;

And empty the petty drinks

And make it full of yours energy and situate

At the inner side of the bottom part of the cup.


Oh, most merciful, Shiva

When the evening cloud

Was showering rain into the earth

Though deep but not fathomless;

The earth was beautiful

In smile with saint-like glances

Like souls that balanced joy and pain;

And so your neck became seat of a black hue;

The trembling hues,

This brief tragedy of the flesh is removed

Like a rope of sand; moving smoothly

Like the wind over the grass or among the trees;

There is a column; but there is boundary line

For the black sea also like the rain clouds;

A pile of wind, amid the shades of night

But there is no terminal for being proud.


Oh Shiva! You washed the hands after kicking away

The sweet nut of Cupids pleasure

This darts the tongues of flames

Bestowing on me kindness

The pure salvation became ripe fruits

And get incited to flow

Between her lips like rain of pearls,

Oh, golden flag, with all its burning stars,

You give me thy feet.
Daiva Dasakam

(Daiva Dasakam)


Oh God, you guard us

Without leaving us astray here from your grip

Of guidance with the right index finger of your hand;

In order to cut across the earthly blue ocean

Your feet is the steamer

In which you are the sailor,



If the omnipotent

Which is one by one touched and counted,

Finished and continued with them

Those are in existence,

Like the range of eye-sight

Not gloomy in the eyes, to look far on

Should not be throbbing in your mind

Where you can feel that God is everywhere

And the earth is our sweet home!


Without scarcity of food, dress,

Home and other items

Such as smiles spontaneous

Providing us so as to protect

And you, who alone makes us noble,

And one for us is the venerable .


Like the ocean, wave, wind

And depth, the calm and serene

Bottom of the colourful ocean

Similar to our mind;

Illusion of a magic,

Thou, glory in that

And the awareness of you

May be merged in my wings.


You are the creation

And he, who became the creator

And the countless creations;

Oh God! You, yourself became

The instruments for creation.



Are you not the illusion,

And also the magician

And he, who smiles on delusion;

Are you not the noble person?

Who, on removing the illusion

Grants us deeper communion

With God, the most merciful one.



You are truth, knowledge and value,

You are the present, the past and the future

If remembered, you are nothing else

Than the spoken-words, if one recollects you.



In the inner region

As well as in the outer region,

The thickly existing grandeur

Of glory of your feet;

We are praising you,

Oh God, you, hail.


Oh, Lord Shiva, hail

The devoted asylum of down trodden;

Oh God, hail, the bliss of consciousness

Hail, the setting sun in the ocean of kindness.


In the fathomless ocean of your luster

All of us may be immersed,

Hail on every day,

With wings of healing in perpetual salvation,

Hail, reside in happiness.